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Some Famous Clowns:

Joseph Grimaldi

Joseph Grimaldi "father of Clowns"(1778-1837)
He was one of the greatest English pantomime characters.
He was famous enough in his time
to have had Charles Dickens write his biography.


Grock(Jan 10th 1880 - July 14th 1959)
The talented musician, who could play
24 instruments and speak many languages,
became the king of clowns in the early 1900's.
Grock performed for some of Europe's royalty.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin (April 16 1889 - Dec 25 1977)
He brought laughter to millions of us
all over the world as the silent clown (the little Tramp)
in black and white film.

Coco the Clown

Coco the Clown (1900- 1974)
Technically he was an Auguste - that is the foolish character who always ends up
with a custard pie dripping off his face.

Lou Jacobs

Lou Jacobs (Jan 1 1903 - Sept 13 1992)
He was an American, known as the circus legend.
He didn't stop performing until the age of 84!

Charlie Cairoli

Charlie Cairoli (1910 - 1980)
One of Europe's Great Clowns! Famous for performing at Blackpool Tower
circus !


Bozo(1922 - Dec 8 1997)
He was well known as the
clown of cable television in the U.S.A.

Vercoe The Clown

Vercoe(Sept 21 1932 - present)Arthur"Vercoe"Pedlar
Starting life as a member of
the Spider Austin troupe in 1953,
English-born Vercoe appeared at
the Parisian Cirque Medrano,
including three weeks as comic Buster Keaton's assistant.


Buttons(1943 - present)Leon"Buttons"McBryde
Buttons became a Ringling Brothers Circus clown
And at 6' 7", Buttons is a giant in his field. He contributed to the book Clown Magic.


Ruben(13 feb 1948 - present)Ruben Madsen
He is the only western circus
performer / Clown that worked in a USSR Circus production, touring the Soviet Union periodically during years 1988 - 1993.

Krusty The Clown

Krusty the Clown (April 19th 1987 - Ever lasting) He is one famous and funny
character from the Simpsons cartoons.
Blackpool tower
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