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Arthur 'vercoe' Pedlar:
International Clown
Fellow Royal Society of Arts
Registered Lectures for NADFAS.
Ever since he visited Bertram Mills circus as a six year old Arthur has been fascinated by the world of clown.He pursued his interest,mastered the unicycle and varios instruments and in 1953 joined a clown troupe at cirque Medrano in paris for a 9 month season where he had the priviege of working with the legendary Buston keaton.

Act:Vercoe and Professor Forte

Mime Auguste clowning with instruments and unicyles.
Time:20 minutes max.
With demonstrations.
Registered Lectures for NADFAS.
Lecture and Act:
A combination of the two, plus making-up, an interval and time for discussion.
Time: 2hours max.
Special occasions & Promotions

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